• Darby VanDeVeen

Zac Brown Band's "The Man Who Loves You the Most" Released Ahead of Father's Day

Fans of John Krasinski’s news show, Some Good News, may remember the iconic wedding (which doubled as a reunion for the cast of The Office). During the wedding, Zac Brown himself popped in to virtually serenade the bride and her father with this previously unreleased song “The Man Who Loved You the Most.”

Written for his four daughters, the song is a sweet song from a father to his children. Life on the road isn’t easy, and Zac Brown Band’s touring schedule doesn’t make that any easier. I originally heard the song during its debut on Some Good News and wow...let’s just say I had a little dust in my eye or something (there was a LOT of dust!) Are there a few tears coming up now just thinking about it? Quite possibly.

In true Zac Brown Band fashion, the song opens with an acoustic guitar and builds up the instrumentation throughout the track. However, the lyrics and message are really what makes it stand out. “I hope you let the whole world in your heart/But you still got room for me” Zac Brown sings in the chorus.

An open letter to his children, he talks about what he wants his girls to accomplish (“see the seven wonders,” “sail the seven seas”), things he wants them to know about the world (“forgive the wrongs and love yourself”) while hammering home the point that he will always be there when they need him. “If you’re back’s against the wall, baby/Come on home/I’m always here for you” is sung during the bridge.

A perfect song to release with Father’s Day around the corner (really packing an emotional punch), this track is sure to become a staple for father-daughter dances at weddings. Stream it here and let me know what you think!

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