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Yard Arms Boasts Unintentional Quarantine Anthem on New EP, 'Sanctuary Lines'

Yard Arms, a Bristol-based duo made up of Noah Villeneuve and Billy Golding, released a new EP entitled “Sanctuary Lines” on June 26. The indie-alt band has an infectious sound that draws listeners in and keeps them there with their lyricism and heartfelt vocals. Their song “These Four Walls” is also an unintentional quarantine anthem. Lyrics like “when will we find our solace and our sanctuary lines?” take on a new meaning as the world shut its doors due to coronavirus. I got the chance to speak with them about their new release, so keep reading to get a little more insight into the duo that is Yard Arms.

What made you guys want to start a band and pursue music?

A common bond over wanting to escape the mundanity of day to day life, trying to escape fulfilling generic expectations of society. Music felt like our way to connect to each other and everyone else, it was a language that felt natural to us, it’s our safe space.

You guys both have other jobs. Is it difficult to balance your 9 to 5 with your band?

I think it can be really easy to describe that balance as ‘difficult’, but that term is too regularly thrown around. Our situations could be a lot more difficult, we’re thankful for being able to strike a balance where we can still pay our bills and eat. Choosing to do both means there are a lot of sacrifices you make but it’s a path we are totally content with being on.

With your new EP, Sanctuary Lines, has the process to record or promote the piece look different than your past releases?

Recording wise, we worked with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw) again, so that process was a repeat of our last two EPs, and it was important there was already that established comfort and growth between the three of us. Promoting it couldn’t have been more different, we weren’t prepared, nobody in the industry was prepared for what coronavirus did. Thankfully we’ve had some wonderful bloggers, magazines, reviewers, radio stations and playlisters in the indie-sphere help us support it through all manner of content. It’s been many more podcasts and zoom chats than live sessions and gigs, but we don’t feel hard done by, it’s been a rocky few months but we have learnt a lot and making positive moves towards the future.

Has the song "These Four Walls" taken on new meaning for you guys under the current circumstances?

Absolutely. We never expected it to have the connotations it does now, a blessing in disguise I guess. I love it when our songs breathe new light and take on new meanings to people, especially ourselves.

Who are your biggest musical influences and how have they impacted your sound as a whole?

Yard Arms is a product of so many different influences from so many different genres. The direct alt/indie guitar band references that most people probably hear are artists like The Cure, The National, Death Cab For Cutie, Tears For Fears, Radiohead, The War On Drugs, Biffy Clyro, Manchester Orchestra etc.

Is there any song that really sticks out to you as you recorded as your favorite?

"Mantra" felt really important, it marked a clear development in our sound as a whole and solidified the writing style and production we’d been seeking for a few years for sure.

As a band, what’s been your favorite moment so far getting to do what you guys do?

It’s been a short ride so far but we’re very thankful for every element of it. Travelling, playing shows and meeting new artists and fans is always a highlight for us.

What’s next for the band?

Lots of writing and rehearsing because our options are limited currently. We’re booking lots of shows for 2021 though so see you soon!


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