• Darby VanDeVeen

The Killers Evoke Strong Emotions on “Imploding the Mirage”

“The album makes you long for the days of seeing outdoor stadium shows and music festivals”

The Killers are back with their sixth-studio album, Imploding the Mirage. With 10 upbeat and danceable tracks, the album makes you long for the days of seeing outdoor stadium shows and music festivals. Clear influences from Bruce Springsteen and U2 ensure that each of the songs sounds like it was written to be played to a large crowd screaming the lyrics back at them.

Songs about the trials and tribulations of life and love are triumphant, loud and exciting to listen to. Thematically, the idea of “imploding the mirage” and breaking free to live your own life opens and closes the album. “My Own Soul’s Warning” touches on repentance and the attempt to go against your gut and knowing you’re wrong. The closing track ties the album together nicely with a message about getting rid of the facade that people live behind. Frontman Brandon Flowers recently moved from Las Vegas to Utah, so the imagery of Vegas and references to those landmarks (“The Mirage”) play a huge part in the track.

The instrumentation adds to the heartland rock genre that The Killers have slid into on their past few releases. Epic guitar solos (“Caution”) and breaks in the lyrics enhance the listening experience and add to that classic sound we all know and love from the band. Classic rock sounds mixed with more modern synth pop create a soundscape that draws listeners in and will have their heads bopping by the chorus of the first song. The Killers have found a way to make every song seem happy and fun, no matter the subject of the song.

I’ve never listened to an entire album by The Killers, so I went in with no expectations. This album blew me away with the sound and cohesion. It has a strong replay value for me and each song was enjoyable to listen to. Features with k.d.lang and Weyes Blood added a lot to the overall sound of the release, even without the founding guitarist, Dave Keuning. This album is one you need to listen to if you want to be put in a better mood.


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