• Darby VanDeVeen

Sound Bites: FadeD, Andrew Hsu, Tanya George, Momoko Rose

This edition of Sound Bites features an up and coming rapper, a west-coast musician, and two Australian singer/songwriters.

FadeD - “LowKey”

FadeD is an up and coming rapper who just released his fifth single, “LowKey.” The song is simple, with a piano backing throughout the entire track. It provided a good beat and a clean crisp sound which was contrasted with echoey vocals. While I don’t know a lot about rap, the lyrics were pretty good and had a good flow to it. By the end of the song, it got a little repetitive, but still worked. This may not be a song I listen to a lot again, but definitely worth checking out.


Andrew Hsu - “Neon Love”

Andrew Hsu released his latest single “Neon Love” in early August. Describing a relationship in ‘neon’ implying that it’s too intense to continue. My absolute favorite part of this track is the production. It’s so fun and upbeat and the techno-influences really make it sound ‘neon’ in a way. Hsu also released an accompanying music video to the song which takes all of its inspiration from the 80s. From the grainy film to the bright effects, it fits the song so well and enhances my understanding of it. Overall, a fun track and I look forward to hearing more from Andrew Hsu.


Tanya George - “Normality”

Tanya George is a singer from Melbourne who started out as a busker. With her latest single “Normality,” she challenges the norms of how music is made and also the norms of society. Vocal looping is used to construct the sound entirely out of her own vocals, which gives it a unique and interesting sound. I was dancing a little on my first listen of this song because it’s physically impossible not to. I know that I’ll be keeping my eye on Tanya George and eagerly awaiting her next EP, also titled ‘Normality.’


Momoko Rose - “Humans Weep”

Momoko Rose is another Australian singer songwriter who released a single “Humans Weep.” Her ethereal voice blends in perfectly with minimal production. Throughout this song, Rose captures the mundane aspects of human life while criticizing the capitalism that fuels our daily ways of life. Her style and sound is like a more upbeat Phoebe Bridgers with clear folk influences. I personally am obsessed with her voice and it drew me in immediately and then I listened to her EP, When I Blossom. This song is a must listen and belongs on your chill out/relaxation playlist.


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