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Sound Bites: Marcelo Deiss, Paris Street Rebels, Howlite, The Last Folk Singer

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features a Brazilian alt-rock singer, a Scottish punk band, an Australian folk/pop band and an Australian poet turned folk singer.

Marcelo Deiss - “Gridlock”

Marcelo Deiss is a Brazilian alternative rock artist based in London. Raspy vocals and guitars drive the song home while hammering the message of injustice in our society. While I cannot sully make out every lyric, you can still easily understand the feeling and passion behind Deiss’ voice. Deiss said about this song “that it's mainly about bringing attention to the injustice of the system we are living in. It was movements such as Brexit, Me Too movement, Trump, Black Lives Matter and other topics that deal with oppression that got me into writing about what's currently happening in our society.” One of my favorite parts is the outro where the guitar and drums take over and create a really cool sound to end the song.


Paris Street Rebels - “Diane”

Paris Street Rebels is a punk rock band from Scotland who released their latest single, “Diane” in late August. Comprised of Grant Malcolm, Kevin Murphy Jr., Jordan McLean, and Cameron Gaudin, the foursome pull you into their sound right off the bat with their loud instruments and classic sounds that make it seem like they would put on an incredible live show. “Diane” uses boisterous guitars to drive the song, cuts them out on the bridge and then brings them back in for the finale of the track. I was banging my head along as I listened to it. This song is definitely worth a listen and if you enjoy that, make sure to check out the rest of their work!


Howlite - Not Here EP

Howlite is a Australian band creating an expansive, cinematic sound in their music. Four singles have already been released for this EP: “Reducer,” “Olympia,” “Infancy” and “Stranger,” with the fifth single “Canary” set to be released on October 9. These singles see a slight departure from the band’s previous folk style to a new pop-driven sound. Howlite’s biggest strength is the soundscape they create for each song. Powerful vocals pair with a deep and haunting sound that encompasses the listener. The sound runs through each of the singles they have released so far (and also the rest of the EP!). Make sure to check Howlite out and pre-save their EP.


The Last Folk Singer - Living in a World of Silence EP

The Last Folk Singer is the moniker of Camille Barr, an Australian poet who also writes and performs folk music. With simple production reminiscent of a walk through a forest, the focus is on Barr’s storytelling and lyricism. She chose the name ‘The Last Folk Singer’ not because folk music doesn’t exist, but has diminished to the point that it was not listed as a genre when she was searching for it. Her latest EP, Living in a World of Silence, is a raw debut filled with politically-driven songs like “Never Ending Story.” “...Because I Was Born a Girl” reflects on the inequality she has felt simply because of her gender. Each of the songs is so calming and relaxing I definitely enjoyed listening to all of them. If you want to listen to poetry wrapped in sound, The Last Folk Singer is for you.


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