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Sound Bites: Terreyl Fields, Treasure, Molly., Lomon

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features songs from a model turned musician, a British soundscape engineer, an indie pop artist, and a space-inspired singer.

Terreyl Fields - “Club Fantasy”

Terreyl Fields is the passion project of Myles Davis, who started releasing his own music this year at 20 years old. His latest single “Club Fantasy” is a bouncy and fun track featuring Johaynan, who provides a rap verse on the bridge. This is definitely a song that you could have a good time and dance to. The production is definitely upbeat and the focal point of the song, being that the vocals sometimes got overshadowed by it. However, being one of the first releases from Fields, I am excited to see how he grows as an artist with his electronic sound.


Treasure - “Isolation”

Treasure is a London-based musician in the pop realm specializing in lethargic synthscapes. His latest single “Isolation” delves into topics of the uneasiness felt in self-isolation as a result of the current global conditions. The song touches on the sense of duty felt by staying home (“maybe we could save the world”), while also acknowledging the effects the isolation can have on you. A mix of electronic and acoustic production adds a little something extra to the song and makes listeners want to listen to it over and over again. Treasures vocals are emotive and slide over the melodies with no hesitation.


Molly. - “Paradise”

Molly. is another UK-born artist with a fun indie-pop sound. Her single “Paradise,” released earlier this year, also tackles the topic of COVID. Molly. looks towards the future and imagines a “place that has no hassle or problems” and “where life seems so much more positive and easy.” Glistening synths and pop production is sure to bring a smile to the listener’s face as Molly.’s vocals soar over the shimmering track. The control she has over her voice is amazing. Anyone looking for a little slice of paradise can find it by listening to this song.


Lomon - “Escape Velocity”

Zander Chocron, professionally known as Lomon is a Michigan-born indie psychedelic artist. “Escape Velocity” describes the cycle of addiction and relapse and how hard is is to break that cycle. With a sombre acoustic guitar and overall sound reminiscent of David Bowie’s hit “Space Oddity,” Lomon creates a soundscape worthy of its interstellar inspiration. As I listened to this song, I just wanted it to go on and on. The part that hooked me was the beginning of each verse where the protagonist of the song approaches it with new hope each time, despite the failure they have just experienced. This song is definitely worth checking out.


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