• Darby VanDeVeen

Sound Bites: AIRPORTS, Kat Victoria, The Gore Boyz, Fancy Truth

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features an Australian artist, a pop punk singer, a North Carolina family boy band, and a South African rapper.

AIRPORTS - “Party All The Time”

AIRPORTS is the project of Aaron Lee. With a unique sound blending hip hop, punk, electronic and pop, Lee collaborated with R I L E Y for his song “Party All The Time.” The song is a sing-rap anthem, about “a person you can't love because they're more into socializing than into you” Lee explains. “Party All The Time” caught my attention immediately, since it almost sounded like a classic boy band song (but WAY more grown up), meaning it was equal parts catchy and danceable. After a few more listens the story Lee mentions becomes more and more clear. I loved the idea behind the song and AIRPORTS and R I L E Y’s collaboration produces a great track that anyone should check out.


Kat Victoria - “Tell Him”

Kat Victoria released her latest single “Tell Him” in early September and it is an early 2000s pop punk bop! Centered around the idea of missing someone close to you and hoping that they will “come back home” soon, electric guitars dominate the instrumental and add to the power of Victoria’s message. Her vocals are strong and clear passion for the song can be heard throughout. AS the first song I’ve heard from Kat Victoria, I definitely want to check out more of her work and keep an eye out for anything she’s releasing in the future.


The Gore Boyz - “Spend a Bag”

The Gore Boyz are a boy band made up of three brothers: Herman, Edwin and Sean-Micael Gore. Based in North Carolina, the brothers have developed a style blending elements of pop and R&B, which appeals to a wide variety of people. Their sound also works, having struck the right balance between the two distinct genres. TGB have that classic boy band sound and write a track that pulls you in, while also being catchy enough to stick in your head. Make sure to keep an eye on this band, as the brothers have already made significant strides in their career, having amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across platforms and performed for stars like Usher and Justin Bieber.


Fancy Truth - “Bubble Boy”

Fancy Truth is a Cape Town-born rapper who released his latest single, “Bubble Boy” on September 11. “Bubble Boy” is about exactly what you think it would be about: the struggles of relationships and dating during a global pandemic. Fancy Truth and Wax Beach describe the phenomenon really well, with the chorus describing normal things they want to do like holding hands and going for a drive, but not being able to do so since they are “stuck in a bubble.” A sly nod to Back to the Future also made me smile with the line “you could be my density/wait, I mean destiny.” Aside from the song ending abruptly, I really enjoyed this listen. The fun production brought it together with intricate wordplay to describe such a novel feeling.


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