• Darby VanDeVeen

Sound Bites: Visceral, Jordan Bussell, Ziggy Lovah

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features music from a Chilean band, singer songwriter and an R&B singer with a jiggy vibe.

Visceral - Enterrar lo que soy

Visceral is an alternative band from Chile, who released their second studio album entitled Enterarr lo que soy. While I’m not typically one to listen to music in other languages, I love to try anything new and this album did not disappoint. Futuristic instrumentals on songs like “Gracias por tanto” give each song it’s own unique sound while still being a cohesive release. Even though my Spanish is a little rusty from elementary school, every emotion in the lyrics came through and made this a strong release from Visceral.


Jordan Bussell - Wolves & Curses

Jordan Bussell is an English singer-songwriter who writes, performs, records, and produces all of her own music from her bedroom. Bussell’s latest release, Wolves & Curses is a story-style album that grows and develops as you listen along. Intended to be about “misplaced love and missed opportunities,” this album pulls together a cohesive soundscape that puts Bussell’s incredible vocals and lyricism at the forefront. Lyrics like poetry weave their way through the album, making the storytelling compelling and passionate. Through each word and note, you can hear Bussell’s passion for music and what she’s doing breathing life into the album.


Ziggy Lovah - ‘Lovah Boy’ EP

Ziggy Lovah is another singer-songwriter fusing rap, soul and vocals to create a hood R&B sound with a jiggy vibe. His latest EP, ‘Lovah Boy’ is captivating. The production has a lot of different elements that blend together to create an experience instead of just an EP. “False Love” is a true standout that I was dancing around to on my first listen. Each song has its own personality and sound, while still being true to the artist. The command Ziggy Lovah has over his own vocals and the music is impressive. This is definitely a release I find myself coming back to time after time to listen to again.


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