• Darby VanDeVeen

Sound Bites: Ashton Rose, Nene's Butler and Prison Escapee

Sound Bites is back featuring music from three up and coming artists ranging from R&B to EDM to alternative rock.

Ashton Rose - “Ripped Jeans”

Up and coming artist Ashton Rose released his latest single, “Ripped Jeans” on June 3, 2020. At first I wasn’t really sure if I would like it, but when the drums came in I was sold. I really like the vibe of this song and it inspired me to check out some more of Rose’s catalog. “Ripped Jeans” strays away from Rose’s typical R&B/rap sound, leaning into more indie/alternative, especially with the strong use of drums and guitar. IT’s a lowkey song, but definitely my favorite of all of his releases so far. His voice floats over the lyrics, but none of them are really distinguishable in the first listen unless you’re really looking for them. Other than that (since I’m a huge lyrics girl), it was a really strong song and I would listen to it again.


Nene’s Butler - “No Good (The Enemy)”

I can’t say that this song is something that I would typically go out and listen to, but I would recommend it to my friends who are into EDM. Formed by Michaela and Wolfgang Egger, their goal is to bring old vibes into the future. “No Good (The Enemy)” was created with a house beat and is a straightforward song and very danceable. I could definitely see this being played out at a club. While this isn’t something I would typically gravitate to (or really have any expertise on), I did like listening to it overall and I really liked writing with this in the background to motivate me.


Prison Escapee - 20/20

Erik David Hidde is located in Los Angeles and goes under the moniker of Prison Escapee. He has been releasing music under this name and what’s most impressive is that all of his music is completely made in his living room. His latest album, 20/20 clocks at 23 minutes and features his trademark melancholic, rock sound. 20/20 is very aware of the current global situation and hinges on the main theme of loneliness. Simple and direct lyrics cut to the chase and describe his feelings perfectly. Some of the production is experimental, but grabs your attention and keeps you hanging on to each note. The first time I listened to this, I really thought it was professionally recorded and produced, so finding out it was all done by him makes it that much more impressive a release. I loved listening to this album and I know I’ll find myself coming back to it over and over.


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