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Sound Bites: Marcus Lee, Livv Megan, Georgia Black, Lucy Eaton

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features an indie-folk singer, an L.A. singer/songwriter, a British blues singer, and an Australian artist.

Marcus Lee - “Not for You” and “For Now”

Marcus Lee is an indie-folk singer who started writing music in college and released his first two singles this year in 2020. Armed with an acoustic guitar that provides the main backing to his music, Lee creates a surprisingly intricate soundscape that ebbs and flows with the emotion of his songs. “Not for You” shows the singer meeting someone who already has a partner, and convincing them to be with the singer instead, while “For Now” reflects on enjoying the time spent with a loved one even though they may not be ‘the one.’ Lee’s music is reminiscent of early Hozier, with carefully placed and minimal instrumentation and emotive vocals. Being someone who loves this kind of music, I am very excited to keep following Lee and see what he does in the future.


Livv Megan - “Fallin’”

Livv Megan is a musician from Los Angeles, California. As she began making music in 2018, Megan writes and produces her own music, including her latest single. “Fallin’” describes an on and off relationship, which begs the question ‘do you love someone if you fall in and out of it?’ While the lyrics are a little repetitive, Megan still tells the story and describes it enough to get the feelings across. The production had me tapping my foot and I enjoyed what was done with the song and her style in general. Megan is currently working on new music that will be released soon.


Georgia Black - “Invisible Enemy” and “Repeat & Play”

Georgia Black is a contemporary blues singer from North London whose latest singles, “Invisible Enemy” and “Repeat & Play” immediately drew me in when I was sent them. “Invisible Enemy” features seductive synths and smoky vocals that are reminiscent of a James Bond movie. The cinematic soundscape encases the message that right now, superheroes are the ones who are staying at home and not going out, like what we would normally expect. “Repeat & Play” is another sonically interesting song that was written with a feeling known all too well this year: being stuck. Whether in work or her personal life, Black felt like a record on repeat and wrote a haunting song to reflect that. With impressive vocals and mesmerizing synth production, Georgia Black is one to watch.


Lucy Eaton - “Rotten Love”

Lucy Eaton is an Australian-born singer-songwriter who works with Marcus Lee (also featured in this article!). Her latest single, “Rotten Love,” is a simple ukulele-backed track with incredible vocals. Eaton even revealed in an Instagram post that she and Lee only used the original vocals in the final track! The song focuses on spoiling your partner in a relationship and buying them fancy things to show that you care for them. The song is infectious and gets stuck in your head so easily that you just have to keep listening to it (and that’s a really good thing). As this is her debut single, I am very excited to see what Eaton puts out next.


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