• Darby VanDeVeen

Sound Bites: LEWIN, Heist, Flora

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features an English alternative singer, a hip-hop band made of immigrants, and a synth-based indie performer.

LEWIN - “Learn to Love/Love to Live”

Mitchell Lewin started the alternative/indie music project LEWIN and is a one man show. From writing, recording, producing, mastering and promoting, Lewin does it all. His first single “Learn to Love/Love to Live” is an upbeat song with a classic alternative feel. The guitars driving the song hammer the message of learning to love life and make sure it’s filled with love home. Lewin’s vocals overflow with emotion and passion which gives a pretty common topic more depth. I highly recommend listening to the single (and his latest EP released in 2020 entitled ‘Sets on the Ocean’), because I know I’ll be keeping my eye on him.


Heist - “Let Me Love You”

Heist is a band composed of four friends: Dyggz, Adi, John, and Minx who are looking to create a high quality sound reminiscent of Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000 and the Neptunes. They recently released their first single “Let Me Love You” here. Listening to the song, there are definite hip-hop influences, but there are pop flavors as well. The bridge is rapped, which changes up the pace a bit and adds something new to the song. Within this single, there is also a live version of the session that is infinitely better than the studio version. The vocals pop a lot more and even though the minimal production stays the same, there’s something about it being live that adds so much to a song like this.


Flora - “FMR” EP

Flora is an indie pop/folk singer who’s sound can be summed up in one word: dreamy. Soft vocals pairing with ethereal production gives me Kids at Midnight vibes with less of the 80s influences. Her latest EP, FMR has 5 songs and clocks in at under 20 minutes, so it’s a quick listen for the stunning debut. It’s plain to see that Flora has talent and a great sound. Whether studying or taking a walk on a sunny day, the hazy vocals will complete the mood of the day. The minimal production full of synths lets Flora’s voice shine and become the star of the show. Definitely listen to her, she’s going to go places.


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