• Darby VanDeVeen

Sound Bites: LUCI, Annalie Prime, BLVCK SHÆP

This edition of ‘Sound Bites’ features an Italian singer and harp player, a Trinidadian songstress, and a hip-hop/rap artist.

LUCI - “La semplice volontà”

LUCI, born Luciana Patullo, is an Italian singer backed by soft production elements and electronic elements. Singing in Italian, I felt as though I was transported back to my Italian high school classes, where we listened to many Italian artists. I’ve always been a fan of the language and music since it is so beautiful and the lyrics flow together so nicely. LUCI’s voice is also impressive and brings the entire song together. While I may not be able to understand the lyrics anymore, the feelings and emotions LUCI sings about are right on the surface and easy to pick up on. LUCI is set to release an EP sometime in the near future, so keep your eyes out for that!


Annalie Prime - “Lee M’Alone”

Annalie Prime is a Trinidadian songstress who’s taking on hip hop in a new and interesting way. Her latest single “Lee M’Alone” tackles mental health and hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues in black and Caribbean communities. The main message of the song itself is a cry for more mental health days and to just leave the singer alone sometimes. Right from the beginning the song captivates listeners with the energetic scat singing leading into the chorus. The verses are delivered in a rap-like style, but Prime blends in soulful harmonies during the choruses. Her lyrics are also simultaneously relatable and thought-provoking. All around, this song is a must listen and keeps your toe tapping for the entire track!



BLVCK SHÆP is an independent artist from West Africa, Ghana and is currently residing in the Los Angeles area. His EP, TDG SZN, Vol. 3 consists of 5 songs, clocking in around 12 minutes, making it quick and easy to digest. While this EP isn’t exactly what I would typically listen to at all, it was definitely an interesting listen. The beats in the background were compelling and while some of the songs seemed to blend together, others, like “Dead Souls (Bonus Track)” deviated from the overall sound of the EP and had a jarring transition at the end. Having a bunch of different people providing vocals made the EP more compelling to listen to. Definitely check it out for a unique rap/hip-hop album.


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