• Darby VanDeVeen

'all my boyfriends' is the Cosmic New EP from Silver Sphere

“Bathed in 80s synths and set in a galactic atmosphere”

Silver Sphere's latest EP is bathed in 80s synths and set in a galactic atmosphere. Released on September 23, Silver invites us into the “silver sphere,” a fictional world where we know the air smells like cinnabons, there’s always a party and everyone cries glitter. From her first album, yikes!, to now Silver has grown into herself as an artist, experimenting with her sound to bring retro-themed pop back onto the airwaves.

all my boyfriends seems to follow the course of a breakup: from the end of a relationship, self-discovery, and a relationship beginning anew. The opening track, “ghosts!” does not scare listeners off, but instead explores the reminders of a relationship coming back to haunt you. Old sweatshirts and mixtapes haunt SIlver and cause her to ask her old flame to take their stuff back so she can find peace. “crowd” also sees Silver reminiscing on the past relationship, but she still begins to move on. She wonders if she made the wrong choice by letting the relationship go and admits that she has looked for them “in every single crowd.”

“disappear” shows Silver starting to move on (even though she still misses them while she’s drunk). “handle me” is the turning point of the EP, where she realizes her worth and that she is better than the relationship she was in. This is one of my personal favorites and is really inspiring to hear her realize the toxicity of the situation she was in. Honestly, it makes me feel like the main character in a movie and boosts my confidence any time I listen to it! all my boyfriends ends on a hopeful note with “glow,” in which our singer finds herself content being single, but is ready to open her heart again and begin anew (“I’m fine alone/But you make me glow”). Amidst a pulsing backbeat and shimmering production, Silver captures the delicate beginning of new love.

After a long outro, we receive a message that our time in the silver sphere has come to an end. The background of the silver sphere provides a euphoric background for the EP with cosmic production and swirling emotions ripe throughout the songs. For the most part, I loved the production, but the long outro of “glow” felt a little disconnected with a more techno sound than the rest of the release. Lyrically, the storytelling aspect was my favorite part especially since we get to experience a relationship evolving over the course of 16 minutes. It’s a quick listen that packs a punch as well as being beautifully crafted. Each track can stand alone, as well as part of the story. I am so happy to have discovered this EP, and I am excited to see what Silver Sphere comes up with in the future.


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