• Darby VanDeVeen

Nina Nesbitt Collaborates with Deacon and NOTD on Two New Singles

Nina Nesbitt lends her vocals and production to “Long Run” and “Cry Dancing.”

“Long Run” is the result of a collaboration between Nesbitt and Deacon Phillippe, the 16-year-old son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. Deacon (who goes by first name only professionally) produced the song, while Nesbitt delivers her signature silky vocals. “Cry Dancing” is another collaboration, this time with Swedish production duo, NOTD. 

Okay, I loved “Long Run” at first all the way up until after the first chorus. Deacon does a good job with the production, but after the chorus, there was an instrumental that was too long for my tastes. I also thought my headphones were cutting out the way the vocals were cut. However, I could listen to the verses and chorus over and over again because they’re that good. I especially like how the song builds itself up each verse (adding new elements every few lines) until it drops at the chorus. The message of the song is sweet, with the singer wondering if her partner is really “in it for the long run” like she is. 

While I wasn’t crying while dancing to the song, I was dancing and skipping around like a maniac listening to “Cry Dancing.” In fact, Nesbitt tweeted that the song is a “sad ‘bop’” which is absolutely the case. Clever lyrics supplement the upbeat track with lines like “I swear every weekend must be allergy season.” It’s easy to forget that the song’s message is about the protagonist’s broken heart. I know that I’ll be jamming out to this song all summer. 


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