• Darby VanDeVeen

‘No Pressure’ Marks Logic’s Retirement from the Music Industry

“Logic has cemented his place among other rappers with his sharp, delivery and well thought out lyrics.”

Logic surprised fans and announced his retirement on July 16 following the release of his sixth-studio album No Pressure, which was released on July 24. This decision came following the birth of his son, Little Bobby, who was the primary reason for Logic’s step back. On Twitter, the rapper declared that “it’s been a great decade. Now it’s time to be a great father.” He hasn’t fully retired from the spotlight though, since he announced a seven-figure deal for a partnership with the gaming platform Twitch.

Logic and his baby, Little Bobby

No Pressure is an aptly named album since Logic has nothing left to lose with this album. Love it or hate it, he’s moving on. After his last album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind was poorly received by both critics and fans, No Pressure is Logic’s swan song. Produced by No I.D. and accompanied by the android narrator Thalia, Logic delivers a punchy sendoff. At an hour it’s a little on the long side, but the energetic delivery and consistency of his flows makes up for it.

Logic responds to his critics (“Dark Place”) and reminisces about the important things in life (“Open Mic\\Aquarius III”). Lyrics like “Too many kids outlined in chalk/ Scared of drive-bys when they should just be scared of the dark” also tackles the issues going on in the world today. Logic even references police brutality in “GP4” when he says “Here come the cops / Shooting up the hood like Black Ops.” Of course, his transition to fatherhood is addressed and made a key feature on the track “A2Z” which opens with the rapper asking his child if he wants to learn his ABCs.

With nostalgic production mixing with modern influences, fans have responded positively to this sendoff, though some are doubtful that this is really Logic’s departure. No Pressure is a great album to end a rap career. Even though it’s not perfect, it is clear to see that Logic has cemented his place among other rappers with his sharp, delivery and well thought out lyrics.


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