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Jen Moon - Exploring the Different Phases of Herself on ‘MOONOLOGY’

Jen Moon is a Canadian R&B singer who released her debut album, MOONOLOGY, in mid-August. 8 tracks in 21 minutes makes for a quick, yet engaging listen. Classic R&B production ties the album together with a bow as listeners go on a journey through the thoughts, feelings and emotions of Moon herself. From the slick electric guitars of “Notice” to the dreamy synths on “Prayer,” Moon delivers an incredibly consistent debut album with relatable themes and reminds us all that we are not all that different fundamentally.

Could you describe your sound in 5 words or less?

Beginning, exciting, personal, growth, memories.

What inspired you to start making music and creating?

I think music has just always been a part of my life. I love music. I’ve loved singing ever since I was young. Both of my parents are actually pretty musical as well. They both studied music at university and before they immigrated to Canada, my dad was a music teacher. So I think it’s in my DNA. But I guess what really inspired me is the excitement I get from story writing and writing lyrics like writing stories and lyrics when I was young, even though it wasn’t that serious. Being able to write stories that make you imagine something or make you feel things. It was just so exciting to me. In high school when I really started getting into R&B music, like soul/hip-hop/R&B music, I think that just unlocked a different type of storytelling for me. Listening to artists like Daniel Caesar and Alicia Keys. That’s the thing I love about R&B music, just the ability to tell such intimate and personal stories that are also somewhat relatable cause in the end humans aren’t all that different right? So I think that’s what really inspired me to start creating my own. Definitely inspired by that R&B sound too.

That’s so important being able to tell your story and get it out there. Why did you choose to go with the theme of a moon for your debut?

Oh yes. So since my last name is actually Moon. I was kind of discussing with my friends who worked on this album with me - this was before we even got the idea. So we were at a point where we kind of had songs. We were working on them together and we thought an album would be possible. I feel like we could actually do this because we have quite a few songs and some more ideas. It kind of happened naturally. These songs were about my personal experience, my perspective on things so we wanted to do something with my name. They said it was too cool. One day I searched up the word ‘moonology’ because I wasn’t really sure if it existed. I think it does and when I searched it up on Google, it came up with the study of the moon and phases. I was like “oh that’s so sick,” so what if this album was sort of like the study of me? The study of my mind, my emotions and my experiences. Yeah, it just kind of happened very naturally.

That’s so cool. I never expected “moonology” to be a real word.

Yeah, I don’t know if it’s in the dictionary. I don’t know if it’s that serious but people like to informally use it.

Awesome! You also have this intro that opens up with “I’m sorry - I want you here.” So did you choose the songs that went on the album to fit the idea of wanting someone back and like this personal story?

The intro, interestingly, was made later than most of the songs. It was kind of an idea that we had near the end, like “why don’t we have something that opens this whole saga, this story.” So basically when we recorded, Andrew, my producer, had that instrumental playing in the background and told me to just say anything that comes into my head when I heard that type of sound. It was actually a lot longer, originally I was speaking through the whole thing. But Andrew liked just the first and the last bits. It kind of just ended up that way, like I’m speaking to somebody directly. I don’t know if I would say that is the whole theme, but it does directly connect to a couple of songs on the album like in “Notice” and “Loading” I am clearly speaking to someone in particular. In that case, I think it does connect pretty well.

Yeah, “Notice” was one of my favorites when I listened to it. It was so relatable.

Thank you. I’m so glad. I just knew when I was writing this song I was like “I’m spitting truth right now.” I know that this is gonna hit people, like it doesn't matter if you’re a girl, a guy, whatever. Anyone who’s had a one-sided crush or a love something like that for sure.

I also really love the evolution in the song like ‘hey, I want you to notice me’ but then by the end you’re like ‘you’d be blessed to be with me.’

Oh my gosh, saying that felt so powerful in a way, but at the same time I was like ‘is it okay to say this?’ It turned out great and I’m very proud of it.

Yeah I love that. And then I saw at the end of August you released a collaboration single, “Room for Two,” so is this something you’d like to do more of in the future?

“Room for Two” was definitely an interesting experience for me because I love that sort of pop, like just that fun style and it was such a contrast to my album too. I think maybe in the future, if I am given the opportunity to try more songs like that I’d be willing to try. It was a step out of my comfort zone for sure, though, but I’m glad I did it.

And then with that, who would your dream collaboration be with?

I would say the rapper 6LACK. He’s definitely one of my favorite artists and he’s just so good at every collaboration he does.

What’s next for you?

Currently we’re still working on ideas for potential music videos for songs from the album which I’m so excited about because I’ve always wanted to do a music video. We recently just shot a live acoustic version for one of the songs as well, so we’re still kind of like working on things around the album. I guess in my free time I’m just writing some new things, thinking of some new ideas. Lots of things are coming hopefully.

Rapid Fire Questions

What’s the song you have on repeat at the moment? Hit Different - SZA

Favorite artist? Daniel Caesar

Desert island album? Floridian - Daniel Caesar

Favorite color? Purple

Best thing that happened to you this month? The shoot for the acoustic version

What are you most looking forward to? The music video


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