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Artist Spotlight - June 8

Movie soundtracks. Curated playlists on Apple Music and Spotify. Finding great music and artists to listen to has become as easy as tapping your fingers a few times. Here are some of the artists I’ve been listening to over the last two weeks: 

1. Ruen Brothers

I mentioned the Ruen Brothers a little in my artist spotlight last week, but I listened to a lot more of their music since then and I really enjoy it. Made up of brothers Henry and Rupert Stansall, they have been making music from a young age and released their debut album All My Shades of Blue in 2018. Dusky voices and guitars make up their unique rock and roll sound. They have a great balance between upbeat songs and more acoustic tracks and each song has its own distinct sound and paint a story.

You may have heard their songs “Break the Rules” and “Lonesome” in The Half of It, a Netflix original film. The Ruen Brothers are scheduled to release an album later in 2020.

2. Surfaces

I also mentioned Surfaces last week and their song “Sunday Best.” Friends Forest Frank and Colin Padalecki formed Surfaces in 2017. Feel good music blending oldies and hip hop characterizes the duo’s sound. All I want to do while listening to them is sit on a beach and relax in the sun. I’ve danced around my bedroom to their music and it’s great to drive to as well. I highly recommend listening to them especially since it’s summer!

Surfaces just released their third studio album, Horizons featuring songs like “Good Day” and one of my favorites “Dancing With Nobody.”

3. Finding Hope

Finding Hope is a project by singer and producer Ashton Davila. With down-tempo music and R&B roots, Davila produces a calming sound while trying to give listeners a way to find hope in the world. I found Finding Hope on a playlist I was listening to and something about the music was so good, I started listening to it more and more, especially while working on different projects. My favorite has to be his most successful track, “3:00 AM.”

Finding Hope released a new song, “Whatever You Want” on May 22.


I found NIKI on the same playlist as Finding Hope and was drawn to her acoustic songs, which led me to her fully produced tracks. Indonesian solo artist Nicole Zefanya mixes R&B and indie folk music to create a unique sound that draws you in. Her voice is incredible and keeps you hooked as she navigates her complex lyrics. My absolute favorite song of hers is the stripped version of “La La Lost You.”

NIKI’s latest song is titled “Switchblade” and was released on April 2.

If you listen to any one of these artists, let me down in the comments below or reach out to me on Instagram (@beat.critiques).

If you’re an artist that wants their music featured as a spotlight, reach out to me at beatcritiquesblog@gmail.com or through the contact form!

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