• Darby VanDeVeen

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber Drop "Stuck With U"

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber highlight the best parts of their quarantines in their new single “Stuck With U.” Bieber is currently social distancing with Hailey Baldwin, his wife of one and a half years. Grande is quarantined with her new beau, Dalton Gomez. The two made their debut in the “Stuck With U” video, the two sweetly dancing around her bedroom and hugging. 

Fans of the two were ecstatic about their collaboration, which was announced on May 1. The song was released as a fundraiser, with all proceeds going to support the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

The love song itself was everything I could have hoped and dreamed for. I have never been an avid supporter of either artist, but have followed their careers over the years. Hearing about this collaboration, I was so excited, and not just because artists are still releasing music during this time.

Bieber and Grande harmonize throughout the song, and the slow background music lends itself well to let Grande’s powerful voice shine through. “I’ma get to know you better/Kinda hope we’re here forever,” Bieber vocalizes. This song represents all the positive aspects of this situation - getting to spend time with our family and friends, allowing ourselves to take a minute to ourselves and just enjoy the fact that the world is appearing to slow down.

If this is the only thing I could listen to in quarantine, I don’t think I’d want it to end either. A fantastic song by the both of them, and released at the perfect time to keep spirits high as we near the beginning of our third month of being stuck inside.

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